Chase Distillery founder adds fermented soft drinks

The founder of Chase Distillery is the latest to move into the healthy soft drinks space with the launch of Willy’s, which contains on-trend ingredients such as apple cider vinegar and kombucha.

William Chase, who also founded premium crisp brand Tyrrells, is adding the fermented healthy and alcohol-free drink to the company’s portfolio with the promise of more fermented "good-for-you" drinks in the future. 

The natural energy drink, which will be priced at £2.50 for a 25cl can, is described as bring “a modern twist to the age-old tradition of fermenting healthy drinks from all-natural ingredients”. It is made from five "clean" ingredients, including green tea kombucha, ginger and apple cider vinegar; the latter is made from 48 varieties of apple grown in the orchards surrounding the farm.

The launch follows a wave of activity in the healthy soft drink space. Last year cider and apple vinegar producer Aspall introduced its alcohol-free drinks brand, Nonsuch Shrubs, also known as a ‘drinking vinegar’. And just this month Broadland Wineries announced it was exploring new avenues with the creation of a sister company, the Live Kindly Drinks Co, which is to focus on alcohol-free drinks with social benefits.

All three companies are seeking to create drinks that appeal to the growing number of predominantly younger consumers who desire less or no alcohol, an understanding of what ingredients they are consuming and products that offer health benefits, and ideally ones that have an ethical or sustainable ethos.

To create Willy’s the team at Chase has been able to ensure the whole production process takes place at the producer’s farm. This includes growing, pressing and fermenting the apples (from the 300-year old Herefordshire orchards) to make the apple cider vinegar, fermenting the green tea kombucha and even drawing water from the source beneath the orchards.

Chase said: “Our Natural Energy Drink is grown, fermented, canned and even designed here at the farm. The fermented ingredients trend is here to stay, especially as people choose lower sugar, more natural alternatives. I’m blending my apple cider vinegar and green tea kombucha with water, apple juice and ginger to make a delicious drink that hydrates, cleanses and gives you an all-natural gentle energy boost.

"This is just the start, we’ve invested £1million in equipment to make the most amazing fermented, good-for-you drinks at the farm”.

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