Jeroboams launches revamped website

Jeroboams has launched a revamped and “newly transactional” website.

The website overhaul, which was originally planned for later this year, has been brought forward and is now available for its customers to use.

The aim of the revamp was to ensure the customer journey is more informative, more user-friendly and more capable to provide “better insights into customer trends and purchasing habits”.

Hugh Sturges, managing director, said: “As a business, our Board has numerous key objectives; firstly to ensure our staff and customers are safe in the environment we are working within; secondly, through maximizing relationships with our staff, customers and suppliers, to ensure we have a profitable business for all our staff to return to; and finally to continue to innovate and make the best of what the market has presented us.”

Matt Tipping, commercial director, says “The website is a vehicle to allow visitors a more instinctive service, inspired by the experience customers have when they step into one of Jeroboams’ eight shops.

“With 750 tasting notes written by our MW alongside notes from The Wine Advocate and (imminently) Vinous Media, the new website features our selection of beer and spirits as well as wines. There is the ability to purchase in-bond or duty paid with an automatic 10% discount is applied to mixed cases of 12 or more.

“The new site is built ‘mobile first’ as per industry best practice and features Zebedee Helm’s humorous and cheeky illustrations and a new-look blog with topical musings from across the Jeroboams team. Although this is not quite the launch we expected when we decided to overhaul the site, it’s certainly a useful tool when so many of our customers are in isolation. Rest assured that our managers and staff in the shops are still available to take orders, offer advice and have a chat with our customers.”

Sturges added, “We have had a rollercoaster of a quarter, with a third of our business disappearing in March when our customers and colleagues in the on-trade had to abruptly close, so we’ve had to look at ways to improve our business model immediately.

“After ensuring the safety of our team and customers, and immediately implementing social distancing measures in our shops, we’ve been working on ways we can assist and connect further with our local customers and the communities we are a part of in London. We have also extended our reach to customers who are less able to visit a shop by offering free delivery to those over 70 within the M25 as well as our usual local (no-contact) delivery.

“We are thankful that at the time of writing, as a small business we are able to be fleet-footed, yet large enough to implement significant changes that require considerable investment, as we are determined to ensure that our staff have a business, and jobs to return to at the end of all this.”

Meanwhile, the company also noted that 10% of the Jeroboams rosé promotion in May will be donated to D&D, a London based restaurant group, who is currently supplying 1300 meals a day to University College Hospital, West Middlesex Hospital and ambulance staff (paid for by donations and their own funding).

Jeroboams has gifted more than 100 bottles of wine and Champagne to the team at the NHS Nightingale Hospital as a small gesture of thanks to those individuals in the NHS training departments.

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