Champagne harvest for 2020 is earliest in history

This year saw the earliest Champagne harvest in the drink’s history.

Picking started from August 17, which is earlier than ever before, according to the Comite Champagne.

The quality is also said to be good, following the “exceptional pattern” set in 2018 and 2019. The Comite Champagne said a “top-quality harvest” is the first requirement for the production of a Grand Vin, and the weather conditions were perfect to deliver that.

The start of the year was blessed with rain, particularly through February. Warm weather commenced in March, and the vines budded 16 days ahead of the ten-year average.

July was the driest ever recorded in the region, and therefore the weight of the berries was lower than average, but the condition is said to be excellent.

A spokesperson for Comite Champagne said: “A run of three superb harvest years means Champagne should in a few years be ready to offer exceptional blends and vintages too, fit to celebrate the event for which the whole world is now waiting: the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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